Scan Me Find Me Buy Me

It really is that easy now! Here at Find Carz we make it easier for you to sell your car. Especially if you’re still using your car and driving around, you can use this to your advantage. By placing a small but intriguing and inviting sticker on your car, potential buyers can scan the QR code either direct with their phone camera or a QR reader. This then directs them straight to your advert on the Find Carz website. Making all the relevant car information only once click away. They see your car direct no competition.

You no longer need to drive around with A4 paper advertising your car you can have stylish sticker that does it for you!

We are using technology to our advantage!

Its very easy to set up as well. Sign up and go to advertise your car the same way as you would for all our packages, then when it comes to payment select the ‘QR 1 Month’. We will then email you asking for the best address to send your sticker to. Put the sticker on your car and then just sit back and wait for buyers to contact you.

Its as easy as that! For any enquires please email us at mentioning QR.

Scan Me Find Me Buy Me

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